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Why Galway!

01/02/2018 | Self Help

Setting up my Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy business in Galway couldn't for me have been in a better place. I'm not a native of Galway but following a road trip in my early twenties I felt very drawn to the West of Ireland. From an English background I was brought up in West Cork but somehow I always felt displaced there and it wasn't until I finally moved up to the West of Ireland five years ago that I really felt as if I had arrived in my true “home”. People often say to me that where I came from is wonderful and lush and yes, it is beautiful, but there is something about the landscape here in Galway and Connemara that makes me feel at ease and well. I love the walls and the stone and I love the colours of the bog. I've heard of spiritual homes and maybe this is what Galway is for me! I love being outdoors and can think of no better fun to be had either visiting all the beautiful islands on the coast or walking in the heights of the Connemara hills with my partner and our dog. The whole landscape appeals to me and I love the mix of sea and hills, and adore the colour of the bog in Winter, all so beautiful.

I really enjoy travelling and have in recent years been lucky enough to backpack through some of the most weird and wonderful exotic locations in China, Cuba, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. All truly wonderful countries, with so much to see and explore. Amazingly friendly and interesting people everywhere we went, so exciting but, after about a month on the road a need for that now familiar landscape would begin inside me and I would be drawn again to make my journey back to my true “home”, County Galway.

I enjoy working from my home studio in the Countryside just a few minutes outside Galway City. It's a really peaceful and private location and it is the perfect setting to enjoy welcoming my RTT Hypnotherapy clients to.

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24/07/2018 | Self Help
Likely the first female realtionship you will have with a woman is your Mot......
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