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By nature uplifting and energetic, my talks are designed to inspire you to get back in the driving seat of your life. They demonstrate how, with the right mindset, we can all consciously create the reality and existence that we want.


Get the Tools Right

Drawing from my own experiences, I detail tools and strategies I developed which enabled me to transform from being emotionally and physically dependent on others into a successful therapist and mentor, and more importantly, a person who feels vibrant and alive.

Today I have a zest for life and a capacity for joy I never thought possible. I know now that I am the person I am because of all my experiences — both the challenging and the positive ones.  Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Because I’ve lived it, I’m confident in my ability to transform life’s challenges into something positive. And I share stories to enthuse others to have that same belief.  

We can all change - evidence confirms it.

What I offer is real, based on developments in neuroscience which show that we can literally change the way we think and feel. We can choose how we respond to life. Living a life of contentment and joy takes commitment, effort and a bit of time, but it is available to everyone.

My talks are upbeat and real. You’ll come away feeling invigorated, motivated and inspired to adopt a fresh approach to your situation, personally and/or professionally. And along the way I share what I wished I'd known sooner and how to avoid some of the obstacles I had to work through because I didn't know how!


How I Work

Mine is an open and authentic approach.

Because of the range of topics that I can speak on I'm always delighted to work closely with clients to fine tune the brief so that I can deliver exactly what’s needed for an event, whether it’s a workshop, keynote or motivational talk.




 Topics I like to talk about include:
  • Life after trauma
  • Focusing your attention in the right direction
  • What do do when it looks hopeless
  • Living again after loss
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Emotional self-care:  it’s a necessity, not a luxury
  • Creating lasting change
  • Neuroplasticity - shape your own thinking
  • Resilience:  build it before you need it
  • Choosing a positive approach
  • Learning to trust your judgement

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