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My Podcast Interview on Let's Talk Business with Susan Smyth

01/08/2019 | Self Help

Susan Smyth is a very gracious host and I was so delighted to be invited to speak about my life and in particular how I  overcame some incredible major life challenges that occured throught my life, and from a very young age.  Listen to how I overcome paralysis and drug dependency and went on to lead a life that I never thought could be possible after so much had happened.  It is possible to fully recover from huge loss and repeated trauma and I'm delighted to be able to be that beacon of hope to this still processing their own struggles.  There is a life beyond trauma and my story absolutely illustrates this.  I hope you enjoy listening!




Radio interview about Rapid Transformational Therapy,  Depression and Anxiety
19/04/2018 | Self Help
We have a rising epidemic of Depression and Anxiety in the Western World.  ......
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