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Our minds respond to the words we say to ourselves

01/01/2018 | Self Help

We all talk to ourselves....we all have an inner voice. What does your say? Is it kind and compassionate, or is it judgemental and critical? I have worked with many clients who harshly judge and criticism themselves inwardly as a habit. They say things to themselves that they would never considering saying to anyone else. They acquire and hold beliefs that they are not good enough, that they are stupid, maybe not worthy of success, that they can't cope etc, etc....

There is no end to how we can sabotage our ability to cope and live with ease in our lives by using damaging and hurtful words. It's important to check these habits of thought and replace them with kind, supportive and encouraging ones.. Our minds respond to the words we say to ourselves and the pictures we form in our heads, and Science tells us that this has a direct impact on our emotional wellbeing and on our physical health. It's important, pay attention to those inner words that you use and check what your over riding theme is– and if you listen carefully, you may be able to identify some real culprits. You don't need to tell yourself that life is all rosy when it clearly isn't , but you do need to offer yourself supportive and caring words in face of challenging situations.

Try, the next time you have too much to do or you are feeling totally overwhelmed telling yourself that “ I have phenomenal coping skills”, “ I can do this”, “I'm enough", or I'm a survivor, come what may ”. Mentor yourself, use words inwardly in a kind and compassionate way, be the best friend to yourself that you can be. Begin to make it a habit to offer praise and support to yourself , and remember, your mind is listening – so be inventive, be excited to do this and you will be amazed at how much easier it feels to live your life when you encourage and support yourself.

What we think we become - Buddha

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