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Newspaper article - Rachel's road to recovery
25/06/2020 | Self Help
  Click the link below to read an indepth article of my long journey from ...
A radio Interview with Cork's 96 FM - Coping Skills in a Coronavirus age Rachel Gotto
24/03/2020 | Self Help
Click the link below to hear me speaking with PJ Coogan on The Opinion Line...
Finding joy in the small things
23/02/2020 | Self Help
Click the link below to read a recent article published in the national newspape...
Silence is golden but my eyes still see!
08/02/2020 | Self Help
Silence is golden but my eyes still see....! I love those words and for me t...
Resilience & Resourcefulness:  Life Lessons on a Row Boat
21/11/2019 | Video BlogSelf Help
I often get asked how I survived all the major challenges that came my way in li...
Into Bhutan and Out of my Comfort Zone
21/08/2019 | Self Help
I’m always very excited by the prospect of travel because we live in a wor...
My Podcast Interview on Let's Talk Business with Susan Smyth
01/08/2019 | Self Help
Susan Smyth is a very gracious host and I was so delighted to be invited to...
Recent article in The Southern Star about reaching 50 and celebrating life!
17/07/2019 | Self Help
Click the link below to read an article about my love of life and celebrate with...
Empowerment Through Boundaries
24/08/2018 | Self Help
Boundaries are good for our sense of Empowerment and Well Being, they set u...
My Radio Interview with Angela Faull all about Relationships
03/08/2018 | Self Help
What is your relationship language?  We all have one!  More often than...

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