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Rachel Gotto Rapid Transformational Therapy Reviews

After an RTT session with Rachel Gotto not only did I benefit hugely from my session but the support and the audio recording that she sent to me helped unblock personal issues that I'd been holding onto for so long and from such a young age. I am now 50 + and I am feeling so much more confident in myself.  Amazing therapy and an amazing therapist. Thank you Rachel.

Lauraine, Cork (54) July 18


When I first went to Rachel I was experiencing crippling anxiety about relationships. I thought there was something wrong with me. From the outset Rachel was extremely kind and understanding. She explained to me that through RTT Hypnotherapy we could work out what was causing this terrible feeling in me. At the start I rated my anxiety about 7/8 out of 10. Amazingly at my second session yesterday I reported that my anxiety level is now at 2/3 on that same scale. To me this is outstanding progress. I'm so happy. I would hugely recommend Rachel to anyone experiencing any sort of issue regarding confidence, self-esteem, anxiety and so much more! I have never met someone so compassionate and empathetic in my life and I honestly mean that. Thanks so much Rachel!

Louise (20) Clare - June 18

"The Hypnosis experience I had in session with Rachel was so deep, precise and transformational.  It hit the nail on the head of what was going on for me in my life. And moving forward from my positive experience I feel very light-hearted and relieved. I feel more in power and positive.  Rachel is so caring and very supportive in this journey.  Thank you so much."

Mina.  (26) Shiraz, Iran - Jan 18

Having researched the area of hypnotherapy for quitting smoking I was impressed with Rachel’s website as I felt that I could be successful after a session with her. I'd been smoking for 30 years and I had tried unsuccessfully to quit on several occasions. I was delighted with how my session went. I found Rachel to be easy to work with, very professional, honest and understanding. I know that I will never ever smoke again and that is down to the work that Rachel did with me. Thank you Rachel. 

Aisling Keenan (36) Galway - May 18



Achala's Testamonial

Listen to Achala talking about the "Powerful results" that she achieved in just one RTT session.


Thank you so much Rachel, for the transformation I received with your amazing skills and audio in Rapid Transformational hypnotherapy.

Your ability to tap into what the real issue was to work on, has been invaluable, and allowed me to go back to uncover the root cause of why I was still not feeling good enough, helpless and not valuable. I can honestly say my confidence in my abilities now has never been better, I feel loveable and make good decisions, I feel in charge of my life and my destiny, and the best part I actually feel attractive from the inside out and I feel not just loveable, I feel love for myself which gives me a sense of security and serenity.

Thank you Rachel, I wish to Recommend you to anyone wanting to change their self belief, self esteem and self love and regain their confidence, it will be the best investments you’ll ever make.

Fiorella - Australia ( 59) - April 18

Earlier this year, at the age of 34, I was diagnosed with cancer, which was a huge shock. I went through the conventional treatments, but also wanted to incorporate complementary therapies, which led me to energy healing and made me return to meditation and visualisation. I knew that one of the ways to keep up the energy work was to listen to subliminal messages in order to access the subconscious mind. While reading up on the mind-body connection, I came across Marisa Peer and Rachel’s work as an RTT therapist.

Rachel guided me towards a deeper understanding of the fight-and-flight response that had been my default state for most of my life. Even immediately after the session I felt lighter, and weeks later I feel better than ever.

The bespoke audio recordings seamlessly became part of my daily routine, and I would look forward to listening and continue to listen beyond the 21 days. They include the Healing Vortex and the Cell Command Therapy and are incredibly valuable and soothing. The support via check-ins with Rachel was amazing – it reinforced my belief and helped with dissipating any resistance, over-thinking and doubts.

Working with Rachel has helped me cope with the diagnosis and the fear of a recurrence and strengthened my faith in our own power when it comes to healing. It has alleviated my general anxiety and made me more confident. Moreover, I am able to enjoy each day and forget about the diagnosis.

There have been some pleasant shifts in various other, unexpected areas as well – my skin is better, my eyes are clearer and I don’t procrastinate as much.

Rachel is deeply compassionate and wise and provides a safe environment in a truly magical setting. She is able to connect with people, and her kindness and understanding make her a wonderful therapist. She is also extremely generous, going above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you so much Rachel.

-Marina (35), Galway, November ‘18


"When faced with everyday living in what seems like a hectic lifestyle at times trying to juggle being self employed and family life, I was faced with a particularly difficult period in the Summer of 2017, having suffered an accident whilst abroad, I was not only debilitated by my fall but also found myself unable to cope with other problems that where going on around me at that time. Totally rocking my confidence and my self esteem? Thankfully I made contact with Rachel Gotto and asked her for some professional help and boy did she 'Deliver' I found her treatment not only helpful and reassuring, but also 'empowering'. Her recording was very easy to relax into, not having had any form of hypnotherapy before I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I certainly know that I would not have been able to continue the way I was going without this support and it most definitely aided me with my physical and mental recovery. In a nutshell, I think that working with Rachel gave me many tools to help with numerous issues. It really did work wonders.

I can highly recommend her as a Hypnotherapist - it certainly worked for me."

Lorraine, Cork (54) - April 18

I had been consumed by striving to achieve, but never really allowing any successes in. I couldn't bask in them or enjoy myself. Nothing was ever good enough to make me feel okay, most things were an opportunity to beat myself up. I realised I had some stuck patterning and my perfectionism and anxiety were toxic for my wellbeing. Impressed by Marisa Peer's talks online, I sought out an RTT therapist and that was how I found Rachel. Since our session, which took place in the serene environment of her office, I haven't been plagued with worried or self-critical thoughts. I haven't been overthinking much at all. I just feel peaceful and happy to be here. The session has had a knock on effect in that my eating and sleeping has improved too. I am much healthier. I no longer judge or try to control things or people or situations. It is a relief to let life be and to accept it and myself. Rachel's aftercare is impressive too and the bespoke audio hypnosis was very beneficial and soothing. I am grateful for her work. 

Elizabeth, Galway. (30) - Sept 18