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Mentoring is a source of great joy.  Nothing gives me more satisfaction than being a facilitator for others as they grow towards their own empowerment and create meaningful and sustainable change in their life or work. It’s a transformational process that’s always a privilege to witness.

Dig Deep

Traditionally, mentors are people with experience who offer wisdom and illumination to allow the mentored to navigate their own way through an issue and reach their potential, whilst being ‘held’ in a highly supportive and skilled process.  

Many times in the past I had to dig deep to find a way not just to stay alive but to derive some meaning from all the truly challenging events that occurred in a very short period. As a mentor I share the techniques and wisdom I’ve learned from those challenging experiences and also, from my career, which includes setting up a successful business at the age of 23, running another with my late husband and of course my therapeutic work.  

The aim is to get you to view your situation with fresh eyes so you find the direction and motivation to make the changes you want.  And it works!


My Approach

Mine is an organic approach, as the path to empowerment can meander. 

To get great results, often clients need an overview of their situation initially so they gain the clarity needed to move forward with a different dynamic. As your perspective on them shifts, situations and events become more/less significant, your response to them shifts in a positive direction and you get the impact you’re looking for. 




If you’d like to talk more about having me as your mentor, please get in touch.
Manageable Time Slots

Conducted either on Zoom or over the phone, these one-on-one sessions are in 30-minute slots in order to keep them focused and manageable for people with busy lives.  

Together we: 

  • Explore your desired outcome either professionally and/or personally
  • Identify any ‘stuck’ feelings or obstacles that are holding you back from achieving what you want
  • Set manageable goals for you to achieve.
  • Establish accountability so you are motivated to take responsibility for and clearly see your progress.
  • Learn techniques and ways of thinking that build resilience so you can bounce back



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